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John Wheeler Founded FitnessOne In Toronto

August 14, 2015

There is reason to believe that if people are given an opportunity to lead a healthier life, many will take advantage of the chance they have been given. This is why Toronto was so desperately in need of a place like FitnessOne. It is a community with a lot of gyms and work-out centres, but very few places which focus on overall health and wellness. Leading a healthier life is important not just because it affects how you look, but because it can affect the overall quality of life that you enjoy. Overall health and wellness can affect how long one lives, the quality of life they enjoy, how happy they are, how they perceive themselves, and how others perceive them. This leads many people to not only want to work out, but to improve their wellness—which in turn often draws individuals in Toronto to FitnessOne.

John Wheeler founded FitnessOne in Toronto because he believes that healthy living should not only be easy, it should be affordable. If there is a great wellness centre just down the street, but it is too costly for most people, then that really does them no good, does it? John Wheeler wanted to be sure that FitnessOne in Toronto was an affordable and cost-effective option for people in the area.

John Wheeler did not want to just create an affordable gym, he wanted to craft a wellness centre that was worth going to. FitnessOne in Toronto makes use of cutting-edge technology that allows the centre to be the best place to get healthy in Toronto. John Wheeler even saw to it that FitnessOne in Toronto had a state-of-the-art yoga and pilates studio. This studio has been praised by members because of its ability to create a serene surrounding that makes it easy to focus.

John Wheeler designed FitnessOne in Toronto with women in mind. This was because he saw a real need for a health and wellness centre that catered to the needs of females. However, this does not mean that FitnessOne does not allow others to become members—in fact they encourage it! While women's needs are catered to particularly at FitnessOne, everyone gets use out of their programs, facilities, equipment, and staff.
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